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1500 Midget Register


Steve Olson

1500 Midget Registrar

  • 816-452-3540


  • 3540 North Kenwood
    Kansas City MO 64116-2792

In June of 1961 MG announced the rebirth of the MG Midget. Previously all of the T-series cars were also known as Midgets. The new or modern Midget was actually the MG version of the Austin-Healey Sprite that BMC, the parent company, had been producing in the Abingdon factory since 1958.

The MkI Midget featured the 948 cc A-series engine. It had perspex sliding side curtains and plain chrome hubcaps. Late in 1962 the engine was beefed up to a 1098 cc A-series and front disc brakes were added.

1964 brought the MkII Midget. Improvements included roll up windows and doors with a key lock. The dashboard was also revised. Later MkII’s had the upgraded 1098 cc with larger valves. The later 1098’s seemed to have a longer lifespan that the earlier ones.

In October of 1966 the MkIII Midget was introduced, with its 1275 cc engine taking it from 59 bhp to 65 bhp. Storage space behind the seats was increased 4 inches and separate brake and clutch master cylinders were fitted. In 1968 changes were made to North American market cars only to meet emissions and safety standards. 1968 also saw the merger of BMC and Leyland, bringing rival, Triumph, into the fold.

Late in 1971 production of the round rear wheel arch Midgets began and lasted to the end of the 1974 model year.

In 1975 the rubber bumpered Midgets arrived sporting the Spitfire’s 1500 (1493 cc) engine. Although the handbook still refers to these cars as MkIII’s, it was clearly a quite different car. A total of 72289 of the 1500’s were produced. GAN6-229526 rolled off the line on December 7, 1979 – The last MG Midget.