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Request Event Insurance Certificate

The North American MGB Register’s insurance program enables affiliated chapter clubs to cover their qualifying events with up to US$2 million of liability insurance. Please complete the request form below to have an insurance certificate issued for your event.

Timed Events

Please note that any kind of timed event, such as a Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rally cannot be covered under the NAMGBR insurance. If you are needing insurance for a timed event, you will need to obtain it separately.

All requests for event insurance must be routed through the NAMGBR Vice Chairman

Trying to go to J. C. Taylor directly or any other route will cause issues and delays

Offline PDF Request

If you would prefer to download and complete a PDF submission please use the form below. Please note, submissions using this PDF will take longer to process because it becomes a manual process. Please fill it out on your computer, it is a PDF you can edit/fill-in, save it, and then email it to the vice chairman for fastest service. You may also mail it, but electronic submission is much preferred.

Click the PDF icon or Click Here to view the Request for Insurance Certificate. It is much better/faster to use the online submission option above.