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Mutual Aid Directory

There is nothing more concerning than traveling in your MG and having a breakdown away from home. Is there anybody in the vicinity that would be willing to help locate a repair shop, towing and accommodations during your emergency stay etc.?

This is the purpose of the Mutual Aid Directory (MAD). Giving you access to fellow MG enthusiasts who can point you in the right direction and help answer these and other questions. Although not required, some contacts in the directory have hitched up a trailer and traveled many miles to rescue a fellow MG owner, or offered their garage, parts and other items to help an MG Brother, or Sister, down on their luck.

Being listed in the directory doesn’t mean you have to rebuild an engine along a busy interstate, but just offer advice and guidance to someone in need.

What Is It? More Details

The Mutual Aid Directory is a listing by state/province and then by town/city of all members that have indicated that they are willing to be listed in case a fellow MG owner needs assistance. In addition to members there are also recommended service providers/repair shops within the state listing and provides their town and other contact information.

The organization of the Mutual Aid Directory should enable you to quickly and easily locate the nearest member or service provider/repair shop to wherever your misfortune may have struck.

Published Annually

The Mutual Aid Directory is published on an annual basis and is typically being distributed to all members in good standing, during the month of May. This is timed so that everyone has a current copy for their travels to the NAMGBR Annual Convention. Many people travel thousands of miles to attend the conventions so the Mutual Aid Directory is a “must have” glove box/tool box item to have.

Is Your Name Missing From The Directory?

If you are a member of NAMGBR, but your name doesn’t appear in the directory, there is a good chance your phone number is “unlisted” on our membership database. This is a question we ask when you join and or renew. You don’t have to wait for renewal to make an update though. If you wish to be included in the subsequent year’s Mutual Aid Directory, or to be removed, contact the NAMGBR Secretary via email at, or call 1-800-626-4271 (1-800-NAMGBR-1) to leave a message and update/provide your contact telephone number and confirm the change you are requesting.

Advertisers In The Mutual Aid Directory

We have a list of businesses that in each publication that have purchased advertising space to help offset the printing and mailing costs of the Mutual Aid Directory. When you get an opportunity, please support these fine businesses the same way they support the MG Community.

To purchase advertising space in the Mutual Aid Directory, please contact the NAMGBR Secretary via email at, or call 1-800-626-4271 (1-800-NAMGBR-1) and leave a message with your contact information so that details on pricing can be made available.