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MGB, MG Midget, MG 1100/1300, MGC, and Post Abingdon MGs, such as the MGF, MG TF and RV8 all have a register, with a register head focussed on that group of MGs. There are also specialty registers for: the MGB Limited Editions, the early “Pull Handle” MGBs, 1967 MGB GT Specials, MGB V8’s and the 1974 1/2 MGBs. See the Registers page for all the details and register head contact information.
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MG 1100 in Paris. Dig the car, the fashions and the location.

Belle Paris dans un MG 1100

ado16.info international desk
Belle Paris dans un MG 1100

For many Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, so what better way to enjoy the sights such as the Eiffel Tower or the Place de la Concorde than by a tour in an ADO16.

The featured car is a Mark I LHD French registered MG 1100 in Connaught Green with a Dove Grey interior.

Did you know that ado16.info has a French Facebook Group – it is run by our French representative Michaël, and can be found here: www.facebook.com/groups/1758878257766227/

Few ADO16’s are now left so please do join our club and help to keep the cars alive: www.ado16.info/join_us
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13 hours ago

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More savvy than an Austin America?

If BMC had only had the sense to build a parts & service network, in the US, like VW's, the 1100/1300 could have been a huge success. Instead, they chose to appoint a bunch of 3rd rate dealers with their franchises, featuring staff who had no understanding or genuine interest in their products, letting the MGB & Midget carry them, instead of developing the full potential of BMC's product range. BTW, I was there & watched it happen. So sad!

65' roadster for sale.
Update: This is car is for sale in England through eBay. They are wanting a $1,000 pounds.
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3 days ago

65 roadster for sale.
Update: This is car is for sale in England through eBay. They are wanting a $1,000 pounds.

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Is there anything that could be called a lost cause ?

Factory hardtop. There can be good found in anything.

Ran when parked?

ohhh look at that patina...you can't just buy that!

Oh the humanity.

The way that fender looks can only tell you what the frame would be like

Sad that owners will allow these great cars to go to shit like this.

Just needs a good buffing.


A bargin. lol

$1,000 Pounds?!?!?! Lol

Wind screen looks ok too.

I have nightmares sometimes that my car looks like that under the paint

Dimond in the ruff

Hey my old racing days taught me something simple.... rust is lighter than carbon fiber...... so this should in theory beat a Z06 vette

That will buff out

Greedy Bastards!


Absolutely not..!!!!


A thousand quid! I don't think so.

They would have too pay me to take it away !

Isnt the hard top worth half of that???

The vin is probably the big selling feature.

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MGB's in transit. ... See MoreSee Less

13 hours ago

MGBs in transit.

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Check that out....the first 2 cars' hoods are in protective plastic...third car has its hood exposed...

Looks like Thomas the Tank Engine

More like Duck Jack. GWR 0-6-0 tank. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duck_the_Great_Western_Engine

Have you got a green one love?

Abingdon Bunk, leaving Abingdon station, All cars for North America had hood skins on, also batteries removed petrol drained, The workers at the docks would take anything not bolted down and also used the cars as stepping stones as they couldn't walk around them,

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Clutch just went out in my 1977 MGB had to pay $75 to toe it 3 miles home. And tow truck couldn't get it up my driveway so it's stuck 1/2 way up to heavy to push back I the garage any ideas? ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Clutch just went out in my 1977 MGB had to pay $75 to toe it 3 miles home. And tow truck couldnt get it up my driveway so its stuck 1/2 way up to heavy to push back I the garage any ideas?

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Go down to the neighborhood bar and round up the gang !

Sorry, wish I had ideas, but why couldn't truck back it up to it? Was it a flat bed or reg. tow truck?

If that's your pickup it should be able to pull it up

Id the clutch is stuck on then you can put it in reverse and turn the key and use the starter to move the car. Take the center wire off of the cap to make sure that you dont start the car!

The flat bed truck bottomed out in the driveway it's my truck trying to see if I can kid it ok my car dolly while is on a incline

I'd have rolled up blankets and used the truck to push it up the drive and a driver in the B to steer it into the garage.

A come along, chain and blocks.

Find a John Deere lawn and garden tractor.

That's what friends and neighbors are for.

If you have a decent sized lawn tractor to push it. I did this all the time. I have a long drive way thou not too steep.

Don't you have classic car insurance? JC Taylor will tow me up to 50 miles as many times as I need them, no restrictions.

Think Like an Egyptian

Well I got it on the dolly and started backing up and the brakes on the dolly engage because of the incline

Uh, get two friends to help push it?

If starter works take plugs out and drive in

Why didn't he tow it to your mechanic? Now you will have to have it moved twice.

Take a rope and a come-along and wench it up into the garage.

I can not start to tell you how many miles I pushed my MG. All part of the adventure. Get a couple of neighbors.

Well dolly didn't work jack knifes and broke the strap on my dented and scratched up the corner panel this day just getting better and better 🙁

got a winch on your truck

Do what Jean-Pierre Fontana says, take out plugs, put in reverse and use starter to go up drive.

There are tie down holes in the back under the bumper and along side the rear end. Tie a short strong rope or a chain to it and back the pickup truck close to the back of the car. Attach the robe or chain to the truck trailer hitch or rear frame and have someone steer the car while pulling it up the driveway. Not going to get it in tge garage but will get it closer to the door. Then ask the neighbors for help pussing. Make sure you have a hefty rock or wheel chuck to put uder the front tire as you go to hold it.

Do you have a come- a -long? Attach it to the garage and the car and crank it uphill.

Truck push your MG to garage ?

is it clutch , slave cylinder or throwout bearing /

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