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The North American MGB Register (NAMGBR) is an international MG car club serving the needs of the MGB, MGC, MG Midget, MG 1100/1300 and Post Abingdon MG owners, across North America.
Our club is run and elected by the membership for the membership. We are a registered 501(c)7 Not-For-Profit corporation and have been established since 1990.
We hold an annual convention and car show in North America in the summer each year and this is hosted by one of our Affiliate Chapters highlighting the chapter’s local area. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in October of each year at the location of the following year’s convention & car show. All members are invited to attend the AGM.
There are also NAMGBR sanctioned and supported regional events which may enable you to get to a NAMGBR show in the event that the annual convention is too far for you to travel to.
mgdriver-logoWe publish our world famous The MG Driver magazine six times a year in full color.
Our magazine features updates from the officers, member submitted articles on technical matters, projects or trips, reports on local and regional car shows and events, technical and troubleshooting advice by our Technical Coordinator, the renowned John Twist and an update on upcoming events.
Within the overall club, there are specific sub-registers that support specific models of MGs that collectively make up NAMGBR. We also have some specialty registers for certain unique categories of MGs.
MGB, MG Midget, MG 1100/1300, MGC, and Post Abingdon MGs, such as the MGF, MG TF and RV8 all have a register, with a register head focussed on that group of MGs. There are also specialty registers for: the MGB Limited Editions, the early “Pull Handle” MGBs, 1967 MGB GT Specials, MGB V8’s and the 1974 1/2 MGBs. See the Registers page for all the details and register head contact information.
As an individual member there are many benefits of membership which starts at just $30 per year. You can find all the details and specifics on the Join Us page.
We also have Affiliate Chapters/Clubs and the requirements to be an affiliate chapter are fairly simple and in return the affiliated club gets great benefits such as event and director and officer liability insurance. Start with the Join Us page and also see the Resources page as well for all the details.
Resources – lots of them! As in individual member you’ll benefit from things like the MG Driver magazine, Mutual Aid Directory (MAD), Service Recommendations, NAMGBR Facebook Group and if you’re not a member in a local club, we can help you find one.
As an Affiliate Chapter you can be covered by the umbrella event liability and director and officer insurance policy. Additionally we’ll direct new members to your club if they are not currently members.
Just visit the Resources page for more details.

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Was lucky enough to own this lot a couple of years ago. still own the two MGB's and the TR4a but the two TF 130s have been replaced with a TF 160 ... See MoreSee Less

10 minutes ago

Was lucky enough to own this lot a couple of years ago. still own the two MGBs and the TR4a but the two TF 130s have been replaced with a TF 160

It’s not much but it works, at least my baby is inside and dry. ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

It’s not much but it works, at least my baby is inside and dry.

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Sure looks fine to me.

Correct me if I’m wrong but did I see a picture of this car for sale ?

My bad. That car had pinstriping on the hood like yours but it didn’t continue over the center. Same color. Someone posted on this site for sale for 7500


Wifes son live in Crystal Lake small world

No moisture inside your garage Raymond? Is there heating?

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After 38 years of MG ownership, I'm done with STA-BIL, it's caused me more problems that it has helped me.
I'm just going to leave a 1/4 tank of gas in the car over the winter and put in fresh gas in the spring.
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2 days ago

After 38 years of MG ownership, Im done with STA-BIL, its caused me more problems that it has helped me.
Im just going to leave a 1/4 tank of gas in the car over the winter and put in fresh gas in the spring.

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Pray tell, what problems have you experienced? I've used StaBil in all of my vehicles, tractors, and mowers for over two decades without incident.

You need a special type for ethanol.

I use marine grade in my machines, including boats. Why not drain all gas out of car,then run carbs dry. This would keep carbs clean

Try filling your gas tank all the way, and use non-ethanol gas. The "shelf life" of this is about 6 months verses 30 days for ethanol gas. Lake Speed from Gibbs Oil lectured our group about this, and says that we need a fuel preservative containing Poly-ether-amine (spelled by sound) for storing our old LBCs. He says Sta-bil does not have that.

Every year I need to run carb cleaner in my car for at least 6 tanks of gas until the car starts to run properly.

Running ethanol gas will cause the aluminum bodied carbs to corrode when they sit, even though the surface is dry. Driven Oil makes a product "Carb Defender" that will help remove the corrosion (but not the pitting), but the best thing is to prevent the damage in the first place!

I use small amounts of Marvel Mystery Oil in my gas tank. It seems to work well to lube everything. Is the screen filter in the pump clear if you have one and a good fuel filter?

I️ just fill up the tank and drive it in the spring (or if I’m lucky a couple of times over the winter).

race fuel.

Never had an issue ... full tank of regular + Sta-Bil + gas line antifreeze + 104 Octane Booster = easy start in April and no problems with carbs, fuel pump, fuel lines, or driveability. Been doing this since 1978 ....

Marine grade Sta-Bil, fill tank, 20 minute drive to get fuel into carbs. Long time, no problem ever.

Stabil does not work well with corn fed fuel. I stopped using it years ago. I use a fuel shutoff valve and run the carbs dry.

No ethanol gas!

Empty gas tank then pour non ethanol gas in for storage?

No one has mentioned that there is a separate Stabilt for ethanol gas. I drive until almost out of gas, add stabilt, marvel mystery oil, and fill with high octane non oxygenated gas. If I could I'd fill with aviation grade non oxygenated fuel. It has a much longer storage life, and doesn't create varnish.


If you are in an area that has Quick Trip stores, they usually have an 89 octane non-ethanol gas option. I try to gas up there whenever possible.

I use a 50/50 mix of 92 octane and 100 Low Lead avgas when I put her away, put about 10-20 miles on her and no problem.

I've used 93 octane with Stabil for years. No problems. I run/drive my cars over the winter. I try to do it once a month, when we get a 40 degree day or better.

Try this link www.pure-gas.org


All I do it park the car, leave the parking brake off and then start it in the spring. Never had a problem. I’m not sure any of these additives are even necessary.

What was your bad experience with it? Odd I’ve used it marine version as well with no negative results except maybe a bit rough running until clearing out mixed gas.

Start with 110LL aviation grade fuel gas octane rating degrades over time while gas might fine octane rating drops. The new Morse has gas isn’t meant for carburetor engines seals and gaskets or fuel lines and metal tanks

I haven't needed stabilizer for just one winter of storage. But, when I lived in the South I needed stabilizer to park it any more than about 3 weeks!

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