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1500cc MG Midget
MGC - Picture by Jai Deagan
MG 1100/1300 & Hydrolastic Suspension Cousin
1977 MGB Roadster
Post Abingdon - MGF MGTF

North American MGB Register (NAMGBR) Who We Are

We are an international MG Car Club serving MG enthusiasts from USA, Canada and Mexico. Despite the name we specifically support these MG Models: MGB, MGC, Midget/Sprite, 1100/1300 Sedans, and all cars made after the Abingdon factory closure: MGF, MGTF, RV8 and all others. You do not need to own an MG to be a member. All MG enthusiasts are welcome regardless of whether you own an MG or have an MG of any kind. We love all MGs and everyone that loves MG is welcome in the the club.

Join Us

What do we offer? Well, too much to list here so jump to the Membership benefits page for full details or go to our sign up page to join or renew a membership. Highlights are:

  • The MG Driver magazine – 64 pages of full color published every other month
  • The Mutual Aid Directory (MAD). A listing by state of all members willing to offer support if you have an issue
  • A discount from Hagerty insurance of 5% to all members (excludes Canada and certain US states)


Our 2024 annual convention is being hosted in Katy, Texas from 21st to 24th of April, 2024. What’s the annual convention? Well, it’s a multi-day (3 or 4) celebration of all things MG and a gathering of MG enthusiasts from around the globe. Some fly in, some drive their MG or other British car or some bring an MG or British car on a trailer. Although things change, each event has its own unique character and flavor. MG2024 is supported by our affiliated chapter, the Houston MG Car Club and this will be a multi-day MG extravaganza. Jump to our Events/Convention page to learn more. Registration will open before the end of 2023.

We maintain a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. Use this link to see the latest posts from our page, which also includes our Instagram posts, reels and stories. You can like/follow our page and also follow us on Instagram. We also have a lively and active Facebook Group where discussions on all things MG, technical and support questions get asked, and answered. We've put a feed from the Facebook Group on this page if you want to take a look. No Facebook account required to view, but you will need an account to participate.