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Chapter Clubs

There are numerous benefits for a local or regional MG or British Car Club to become and affiliated chapter of the North American MGB Register. These are described below.

The main simple requirement to be an affiliated chapter is that the requesting club must have, and subsequently maintain, at least 8 members of the North American MGB Register (NAMGBR) on their own membership list or rolls. Each NAMGBR member can nominate up to 2 local or regional clubs to be linked with their membership in support of this requirement for a local or regional club. If the number of NAMGBR members drops below 8, the club is advised. They are then provided an opportunity to get additional NAMGBR members either signed up. Alternatively existing NAMGBR members need to include the chapter club as part of their nominated linked clubs in their NAMGBR profile.


Affiliate Chapter Benefits

Event Insurance

Liability Insurance. As a Chapter of the Register, all of your meetings, tours, and all other non-comptetitive driving events are covered by our $2,000,000 policy.

Officer Insurance

Director & Officer liability coverage is part of the free coverage NAMGBR provides its affiliate clubs/chapters. Clubs already affiliated with NAMGBR are automatically covered.

Promote Your Club Events

Advertising of your club events in our award winning national magazine The MG Driver which reaches an audience of over 2,000 MG enthusiasts in North America and Overseas

Register Awards

NAMGBR has annual awards for our Chapter Affiliates – Chapter of the year and Newsletter/Editor of the year. The competition is friendly but it can be a good recognition and promotion of your club to win an award.

Promote your Club to Members

We can, upon request, include promotion of your club activities and events in in our membership packets. This could be membership wide or targeted to your area to assist with recruiting new members for your club.

Recruiting Additional Members

The North American MGB Register will refer all Register members in your area, who may not have identified any clubs as their nominated or linked clubs to your local clubs to help boost your membership.

Responsibilities of Affiliated Chapters

As part of receiving all the benefits described, the affiliate chapter should expect to support the North American MGB Register by undertaking the following activities.

  • Submit at least one article per year to the Editor of The MG Driver magazine
  • Submit an Annual Statement/Chapter Re-affiliation updating your club’s officers, addresses, etc.
  • Use the provided artwork to promote the North American MGB Register in your local newsletter and other publications with at least equal prominence and size to any other national MG organizations you may be affiliated with
  • Promote the North American MGB Register to your membership and encourage them to join
  • Have a minimum of eight (8) North American MGB Register members on your rolls, who have nominated and linked their membership in your club as one of their 2 clubs, in order to maintain insurance privileges and all other benefits available to affiliated chapters
  • Mail or email copies of your newsletter to our The MG Driver Magazine editor and Vice Chairman of the North American MGB register