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This is where new members can join the North American MGB Register. Hopefully you’re familiar with all our benefits of membership but if you need a reminder see the benefits of membership page.

On this page you’ll find the various membership options. Use the links below to jump to the relevant section for you.

Joining from Canada, Mexico or the United States of America

Joining from All Other Countries

Mail in application for all Counties

Online sign up is the fastest, easiest and our preferred option but we can handle the mail in applications as well.

Joining from Canada, Mexico or the United States of America

For everyone resident in these countries, collectively North America for our purposes please use either of the options below to complete your online registration for membership.

Joining from all other countries

If you live anywhere else in the world then these are the membership joining options for you. The higher costs are simple a factor of the significantly increased postage costs for sending you The MG Driver magazine.

Mail in applications

We know some people still prefer this method. Please use the PDF form available here to download and print so you can mail in your membership application. Please note that payments must be in US funds and issued by a US financial institution so it can be deposited with our bank.