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What are the registers and who are the registrars?

The registers support a specific model or variation of a model recognized by NAMGBR. The registrar is your contact and expert for all things related to the specific register that they support. The registrar can assist you by using their unique and in depth knowledge of the model or variation of MG that you have, or are interested in.

NAMGBR Registers & Registrars


Design efforts for what would become the MGB started in 1956, after the introduction of the very successful MGA. Which was by far the best selling MG in history at the time and elevated MG into the ranks of major manufacturers.

Early Midget/Sprite

In June of 1961 MG announced the rebirth of the MG Midget. Previously all of the T-series cars were also known as Midgets. The new or modern Midget was actually the MG version of the Austin-Healey Sprite.

1500 Midget

In 1975 the rubber bumpered Midgets arrived sporting the Spitfire’s 1500 (1493 cc) engine. Although the handbook still refers to these cars as MkIII’s, it was clearly a quite different car from the earlier MkIII’s.

1974 1/2 MGB

By definition the 74 1/2 MGB’s are the rubber bumpered MGBs produced from September through December 1974 which all received twin SU HIF carburetors. Resulting from the stringent conditions on car makers in the 1970’s

MGB V8 & Modified

MG V-8’s can be divided into two distinct categories, the factory cars, which were built from 1973 – 76, and the more numerous “conversions” which have transplanted V-8 engines. V6 are also options.

MG 1100/1300

On the heels of the success BMC had with the Mini-Minor, Sir Alec Issigonis envisioned a larger version of the compact, front wheel drive sedan that had taken the world by storm. The sporty MG 1100 emerged.


The MGC was a 2912 cc, straight–6 version of the MGB sold from 1967 and produced through to August 1969 with some sales running on into 1970. The car was given the model code ADO52.

100,000 Mile

No matter what model or year of production you own, you can register your MG with the 100K register, providing of course it’s exceeded that magical 100,000 mile mark! Some more than 200K/300K.

Original Owner

If you are the original owner of the car from new, then provide details about the car and the basic purchase information. Any and all documents that you have related to the original purchase can be submitted and when confirmed, you are added to this special register.

Post Abingdon

The post Abingdon Register is focused on the support of all MG cars that were produced after the Abingdon factory was closed in 1980. This includes late 1980’s Austin/Rover models, the RV8 and the MGF/MGTF and also “Z” cars and anything that is now produced by MG.

Pull Handle

From the start of production of the MGB in May 1962 until April 1965, the MGB as originally designed had “pull-out” exterior door handles. These first 57,885 MGBs actually share many parts with the MGAs, like the design of the door latch.


Dave Pauly leads the register, to look for stories from those who are passionate about MGs and spreading the word about NAMGBR. Our goal is to reach out to younger people and folks who grew up around the MG hobby and help to keep alive the MG passion in younger generations.