Tom Boscarino – Remembering the founder of the American MGC Register

Tom Boscarino – Remembering the founder of the American MGC Register

Tom Boscarino of Leland, NC, passed peacefully on Sunday, December 18, 2016. NAMGBR would like to express it’s deepest condolences to Arlene, Tom’s wife and the entire Boscarino family. Please see some thoughts and memories captured below.

Memories from Alan Magnuson - NAMGBR Chairman

Tom Boscarino, of Leland, North Carolina, passed away December 18, 2016.
Tom was an active participant in the MG world. Tom was the founder of the American MGC Register in 1980. He attended NAMGBR’s formational meeting in December of 1990 along with leadership from the New England MGT Register, the N. A. MGA Register, and involved MG hobby enthusiasts. Tom led a trip to the UK in 1992 to celebrate the MGC 25th Anniversary. Jai Deagan, who traveled with Tom and Arlene in 1992, has also provided his thoughts of Tom and pictures.

Tom was an active leader of MG International – Indy ’96 held in Indianapolis, Indiana. This was North America’s first All MG Marque
gathering, hosted by the North American Council of MG Registers. Tom was
recognized by NAMGBR as the John Thornley Spirit of MG award winner in 1999.

Our thoughts are with Tom’s family.

Memories from Jai Deagan NAMGBR Secretary 1994-98

We first met Tom and Arlene Boscarino before we even owned a MGC. They were great ambassadors for the MG marque and were active in several different MG clubs. Tom started the American MGC Register and ran it for many years as a one man operation. He passed on a great deal of information about the cars to members of the club via the C-Notes, the club newsletter and by hosting the annual C Event of Brutal Aggressiveness. These events were a little smaller and usually included an auction and a group drive to an interesting place.

We had the great fortune to travel to England with Tom and Arlene for the 25th Anniversary of the MGC. Tom even had his MGC-GT shipped to England for the event. Arlene did an excellent job of navigating us through England and Scotland. Tom arranged for the group of us to attend many special events, see many special MG related sites and meet several MG personalities. Those of us lucky enough to participate in the “C” Britain event of 1992 still have fond memories of our travels with likeminded MG enthusiasts.

Tom was always willing to spend time in person or on the phone helping folks who with interested in buying an MGC or solving a problem they were having with their car. He assisted with several of the large multi-club national shows and also was active in several local clubs as well.

Tom was a great teacher, enthusiast and friend. He will be missed by those of us that knew him. Our thoughts are with Arlene and the rest of Tom’s family

UK MGC 25th Anniversary – USA Group Attendees

Here is a group photo from the 1992 UK trip (click on the image for a larger view). As usual not everyone is looking at the camera, but I couldn’t find any other that had the group. I attached one of Tom sorting out the fuel pump during the England trip.


Fixing a Fuel Pump

Link to the online Obitury for Tom Boascarino has an online obituary, you can access it directly using this short URL: