1967 MGB GT Special Registrar

Jack Long
343 Spencela Parkway
Forest Hill MD 21050

1967 MGB GT Special

The 1967 MGB GT Special was, essentially, a marketing effort to generate interest in the GT here in North America. A strong advertising campaign was begun promoting the “First Anniversary MGB GT Special” which promoted the advantages of the GT plus special equipment added at no extra cost.

This equipment came to the MG dealers in a kit form and could be added to any GT in stock, thus the cars are not in a series in any particular group of serial numbers, nor are they an ‘official’ factory model. The kits included the special plaques, a wood rimmed Moto-Lita style steering wheel, a wooden shift knob and a racing type ‘bullet’ mirror for the left front fender. Additionally the cars had wire wheels and apparently white wall tires.

It seems that some of the Specials do not have the racing mirror and there was no evidence that such a mirror was ever installed. It may be that a door mirror had already been mounted and changing the mirrors would have involved repairing holes in the doors! In which case the dealers would simply have not fitted the racing mirrors.

If you own a ’67 MGB GT Special, or know of someone who does, please contact the Registrar for these cars, with any information or questions you might have.