NAMGBR Events & Information

Annual National Events

Every year the annual national convention and car show of the North American MGB Register is held in the summer. It is hosted by one of our affiliated chapters and show cases the area of the continent in which it is held. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place in October each year. The venue for the AGM is always the same location as the following years national convention. This serves as a checkpoint for the upcoming convention and a preview for all members. All members are invited to attend the AGM – it’s a fully open meeting to discuss any NAMGBR business.

The AGM and subsequent national conventions are held literally all across the continent. For a listing for the previous locations please see the listings on the sub menus of Events. There are also more details of upcoming national conventions and AGMs again via specific sub menus for each of these events.

Regional NAMGBR Events

The North American MGB Register also supports various regional events and car shows. Look for details in the events calendar below.

Events Calendar

The Event Calendar is a collection of various local, regional and national events of interest to NAMGBR members. The majority of this information, with the exception of the NAMGBR annual convention and AGM, is provided to us by the event organizers so we encourage you to visit the web site for each event, or make contact with the organizers before setting off for any event.  You can submit your event here.

Please note this is a fully interactive web calendar. If you want a different view use the selector on the top right corner of the calendar to change from the default “Posterboard” view to something else as there are several options including an “Agenda” view. If you want to print the calendar you can do that from the Agenda view. Also note that each event will have more details – simply click on the event name to be taken to the full details of that specific event.

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