Marathon MGB Saved

Marathon MGB Saved

During a visit to the Classic Car Show at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, UK, I (Simon your webmaster) got to see a historically significant MGB – the MGB that took part in the 1968 London to Sydney marathon. The newly saved Jean Denton works-backed MGB that took part in the event was there and in its just saved condition. This was a 10,000 mile journey, in a 10-day period taking the drivers, navigators and cars through a route that would be simply impossible in today’s world. See one of the pictures below to see the route.

This historic car was on the MG Car Club stand and as I happened upon it, I bumped into the MGCC MGB Register chairman, John Watson, who I had met a few years previously at Kimber House. John explained that this car has been purchased and saved by the MGB Register. This is a fantastic piece of MG history. I managed to take some pictures of the report on the marathon rally that was published back in 1968 – not perfect but will give you a flavor of the event. The MGB register is going to restore the car to its rally starting condition and they could use some support. If you, or your club, are looking to support a good MG cause financially, maybe this is the cause you are looking for?

More information about this historical MG is on the MGB Register website: along with a place to make a donation. If you would like to have your name on a plate as a financial supporter to get this car back into its original rally condition then you need to donate at least £25.00. Link to donation page is:

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