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MG 2023 Mobile Events Calendar

The following calendar is designed to work on mobile phones and other smaller screen devices such as tablets. Some quick use tips:

  1. Click on any single event to expand it for additional information or click on the “Expand” button in the top menu to expand all events
  2. Once an event is expanded you can use the “Read More” button in the event to get to even more details about the event
  3. The other tools at the top of the calendar allow you to filter by category and other options. These will enable you to customize the view. For example, filter on “Category” and select “Tech Sessions” and you’ll see only the details about all the Tech Sessions
  4. The “Add To Calendar” button will let you add all the events to your personal calendar in apps like Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple’s apps
  5. To add individual events to a personal calendar, use the “Read More” button for the specific event and then use the specific event’s “Add To Calendar” button

We hope this will make it even easier to plan your time at the annual convention.