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MG 2023 Calgary

Lots of information about the entire event. Use the table of contents/quick links below to jump to the relevant section of the page.

Mobile Friendly Calendar or Events

We have created a dedicated page with a mobile friendly events calendar. Use this link to go to that page and we suggest you bookmark the page for use when you are at the event.

Quick Links


For tracking and event management purposes we use a separate registration website for collecting registrations, event purchases and regalia orders. If you're ready to register just head over to that site: and everything you need is there. About half way down the page you'll find the registration section.

Host Hotel

Our Host Hotel is The Deerfoot Inn and Casino located at 11500 35 Street SE  Calgary, Alberta, T2Z 3W4.As we have done for many years now, to limit the booking of rooms to those people that have registered for the event, you must complete an event registration first. Once you are registered, the conformation of your registration will provide details of how to book your room at the host hotel, and get the special event rates.

The event has a highly discounted group rate of C$159 (plus tax/fees) for a standard suite. Additionally, The Deerfoot Inn will be offering discounted rooms at C$189 (plus tax/fees) during the Calgary Stampede event the week before if you'd like to arrive a few days early and enjoy this very fun event.

A completed online registration is the only way to get access to booking rooms at the host hotel using the special group discount secured for the event.

Tech Session Speakers

Refer to The Events Schedule for Full Session Details and More Detailed Bios

David Yager

” Miracle to Menace” an Alberta carbon story, with a focus on our oil sands.

John Towler

A Wheel Stud Study. A focus on wheel stud failure and underlying reasons.

John Twist

In the hotel car park, John will hold his very informative “Rolling Tech Session”

Jim Miller

3-D Printing – Jim will share his 3D printing experience.

John Stevenson

Modern MGs. The presentation will include a brief history of the evolution of the MG brand since the last MG was imported to North America in 1980 to when British ownership ended in 2005.

Ralph Zbarsky

Discussing the LBL 591 E Sebring and Mille Miglia MGB GT. Ralph's collection includes the Abingdon Works entered Sebring/Targa Florio MGB GT LBL 591 E. Ralph will be sharing the details of finding and restoring this iconic car to its former racing glory.

Mike Connolley

Modern MGs. The Rover ‘K’Series Power Unit used in most ‘Modern’ MG’s from Longbridge and the myths and realities of this often maligned engine.

Video Preview

What to expect at MG 2023? Well if a picture is worth 1,000 words then a video should be even more valuable. Please watch this video for more.

Car Show Classes

01 – MGB 1962 to 1965 (Pull Handle)

02 – MGB 1965 to 1967

03 – MGB 1968 to 1969 (Chrome Grille)

04 – MGB 1970 to 1972 (Recessed Grille)

05 – MGB 1973 to 1974 (Honeycomb Grille)

06 – MGB 1974-1/2 to 1976

07 – MGB 1977 to 1978 (Early)

08 – MGB 1979 to 1980 (Late)

09 – MGB LE 1979 to 1980

10 – MGB GT 1965 to 1971 Chrome Bumper – Non-Vented Dash

11 – MGB GT 1972 to 1974 Chrome Bumper – Vented Dash

12 – MGB GT 1974-1/2 – Rubber Bumper

13 – MGB GT Factory V-8 1973 to 1976

14 – MGB Modified V-8, V-6, etc.

15 – Midget/Sprite 1961 to 1974 – Chrome Bumper, Square Body

16 – Midget 1975 to 1979 – Rubber Bumper

17 – MG 1100/1300 All Years

18 – MGC – Roadster All Years

19 – MGC – GT All Years

20 – Post Abingdon (Not including modern MGF & MGTF)

21 – Post Abingdon MGF & MGTF

22 – MGT & Prewar – All Years

23 – MGA – All Years

24 – Other MG – All Years

25 – Other British – All other British marques 

26 – Photography 

27 – Model 

28 – Craft 

Special Awards made by NAMGBR Executive Board and Coordinators

Spirit of Abingdon – best NAMGBR-class car on the field hands down

Don Hayter Award for Most Original MG – most original appearing NAMGBR-class MG on the field

Pride of Ownership – car clearly loved and used

Rocker Cover Racing Rules

The Course

  • The course shall consist of a launch incline eight feet long, followed by a level run of twenty feet.
  • The launch incline shall be divided into two lanes, each 18-24 inches wide. The incline shall be two feet high at the rearmost part and level with the course at the front edge.
  • The front edge shall be mitered so as to provide a smooth transition from the incline to the run out area.
  • The official “Starting Line” shall be two feet from the rear edge of the incline. A mechanized starting gate may be provided.
  • The run out section of the course shall consist of two lanes, each three feet wide. The lanes shall be clearly marked.
  • The finish line shall be marked twenty feet from the front edge of the launch incline.

The Cars

  • The cars shall have no power source. All motive force is provided by gravity.
  • Cars shall be based on an actual rocker cover from a British automobile engine.
  • Wheelbase shall be no more that twenty-four inches.
  • The car’s wheelbase must fit within the starting gate and the ramp’s rear-edge
    • The cars body may “hang-over” the front starting gate or rear-edge of the ramp, but the wheels must fit within the starting area of the track.
  • Wheel track shall be no more that fourteen inches.
  • Cars must have four wheels, each no more than six inches in diameter and all wheels must be in contact with the ground.
  • A car may not “jettison” any type of object onto the ramp on its descent.

The Races

  • As practical, awards will presented in a Junior Class (16 and under) and an Adult Class.
  • Cars will be run in heats of two cars each.
  • One alignment run down the course will be allowed prior to each heat.
  • The cars are to be launched with their front wheels on the starting gate. The first car to have its front wheels cross the finish line is the winner of that race. If neither car makes it to the finish line, the car going the furthest in its lane wins.
  • If the wheels of a car should touch the lane markers, or cross over the lane marker, the car shall be disqualified. The competing car immediately becomes the winner for that race.
  • The car that wins two out of three races in that heat will be declared the winner and will advance to the next round until all are eliminated except one car.