Edna Rosenberger – In Remembrance

Edna Rosenberger – In Remembrance

Edna F. Rosenberger, 73, of Benton, IL, passed away at 2:15 p.m., Thursday,  January 5, 2017

Memories from Alan Magnuson - NAMGBR Chairman

We are saddened by the passing of Edna Rosenberger.  Edna and her husband Jerome of Benton, IL joined NAMGBR in December 1990 as our second members, only after John Twist.  Edna was our first Regalia Coordinator and both have been long time supporters of NAMGBR.  Our thoughts are with Edna’s family.

There is an online obituary at hobbsjohnson.com or you can access it directly using this short URL: http://on.namgbr.org/ednarosenberger