All Register MG 2016

MG 2016 the All register meet in Louisville, Kentucky!MG2016-FINAL

The North American Council of M.G. Registers hosted MG 2016 from June 13th-17th 2016, in Louisville, Kentucky!

A joint event of the North American MMM Register, the New England MGT Register, the North American MGA Register, and the North American MGB Register

MG2016 was the fifth gathering of MG enthusiasts hosted by the North American Council of MG Registers. There are a lot of good genes in its pool…that of MG96, MG2001, MG2006, and MG2011.

MG2016 – “Maintain the Breed”!

MG 2016 Special Awards, Recognition & Class Results

Details of some special awards and the full class results are provided below.

Thornley Award – The Davis Family of Janet and Elvin Davis and Zelda DavisThornley Award Art

John Thornley “Spirit of MG” Award is given at the Annual Convention yearly to the person displaying the spirit and enthusiasm of MG.

This award is a framed original oil painting by Dennis Wharf of the first works MGB GT to compete in an international event, LBL 591E was placed in the prototype class of competition at Sebring. The painting was a gift to NAMGBR from the MG Car Club, MGB Register in England, presented by John Watson, of Abingdon, England to the North American MGB Register at MG96 in Indianapolis, IN, it was decided to be given on loan to the current recipient with the understanding that it is their responsibility to have the print at the next year’s annual convention to be presented to the next recipient.

At that time a plaque with a reproduction of the painting is created and given to the last year’s recipient of this honor, with their name and dates on it. This plaque is theirs to keep.

The award recipient is chosen by the NAMGBR executive from the input from coordinators, registrars, and members.

MG Car Club – Recognition for Clubs with most attendees at MG 2016

USA: Emerald Necklace MG Register – link to their club website:

Canada: MG Car Club of Toronto – link to their club website:

NAMGBR Concours

Top Point – Dennis Cestra 1964 MG Midget – Black

2nd Place – Honorable Mention (Due to an oversight/misunderstanding, this year 2nd place got Honorable Mentions and 3rd place were given Awards of Excellence)

Simon & Tara Dix 1977 MGB – Roadster – Flamenco Red
Judy Jones 1995 MG-F – Flame Red

3rd Place – Award of Excellence

Janene Willey 1967 MGB-GT Tartan Red – All Original
Ryans Looft 1967 MG-1100 Canought Green

Certificate of Merit

Robert and Teresa Unfrug 1972 MG Midget – Black Tulip
Rhonda and John Wild 1973 MGB Roadster – Blaze Red

NAMGBR MG 2016 Class Results

Class 401: MGB Mk I (1962-1965 Pull Handle) – 6 cars
1st – David Holland, Bowling Green, KY
2nd – Bob Strathman, Chesterfield, MO
3rd – Duane Petersen, Winnsboro, TN
4th – Brian Bailey, Tulsa, OK

Class 402: MGB Mk I (1965-1967) – 14 cars
1st – Tony Shoviak, Waterville, OH
2nd – Dave Estell, Mason, OH
3rd – Robert Kerstetter, Mishawaka, IN
4th – Paul Lentz, Tustin, CA
5th – Robert Orr, Ridgeville, IN
6th – John Schroeder, Downers Grove, IL

Class 403: MGB Mk II (1968-1969 Chrome grille) – 16 cars
1st – Ned Shields, Owings, MD
2nd – Dave Kray, Williamsville, NY
3rd – Vincent Anderson, Evansville, IN
4th – Craig Perry, Severance, CO
5th – Gary Perrault, Butler, NJ
6th – Judith Heck, Kingston, GA

Class 404: MGB Mk II (1970-1972 Recessed grille) – 49 cars
1st – Skip Peterson, Kettering, OH
2nd – Gloria Ciarrocca, Lancaster, PA
3rd – Everett Rainer, Dublin, OH
4th – Bill Gillson, Marietta, GA
5th – Jennifer Orum, West Vancouver, BC
6th – John Moore, Mechanicville, NY

Class 405: MGB Mk II (1973-1974 Honeycomb grille) – 43 cars
1st – Ron Parks, Springfield, OH
2nd – Bob Bentzinger, St Louis, MO
3rd – Joel Martin, West End, NC
4th – Stephen Roush, Hebron, KY
5th – Rick Shields, Dayton, OH
6th – Dennis Taylor, Corunna, ON

Class 406: MGB Mk III (1974 1/2-1976) – 17 cars
1st – Pete Cosmides, Moorestown, NJ
2nd – Keith Vezina, Kenner, LA
3rd – Ron Kuhnau, Rockford, IL
4th – Jeffrey Leachman, Louisville, KY
5th – Trevor Whitehouse, Orleans, ON
6th – Jeremy Kinsey, Lake Geneva, WI

Class 407: MGB Mk IV (1977-1978 early) – 39 cars
1st – Douglas Walling, New Bern, NC
2nd – Walt Murphy, St Louis, MO
3rd – Hank Largey, Wylie, TX
4th – Richard Lunney, Huntersville, NC
5th – Glyn Reedman, Whitby, ON
6th – Todd Steeves, Ottawa, ON

Class 408: MGB Mk IV (1978-1980 late) – 43 cars
1st – Barry Humphrey, Hingham, MA
2nd – George Barbari, Tonawanda, NY
3rd – Art Shippey, Maumee, OH
4th – Alan Tucker, Hanover, PA
5th – Steve Ratcliffe, Gainesville, GA
6th – Joe Scarlett, Monroeville, PA

Class 409: MGB LE (1979-1980) – 18 cars
1st – David Handley, Strongsville, OH
2nd – Suzanne Snyder, Sterling Heights, MI
3rd – Kathy Goodman, Beavercreek, OH
4th – Ed Haas, Nazareth, PA
5th – Len Kosatka, Avon Lake, OH

Class 410: MGB/GT (1965-1971) – 27 cars
1st – John Colwell, Old Hickory, TN
2nd – Arthur Colwell, Magnolia, TX
3rd – Steve Kirby, Escondido, CA
4th – Geoffrey Dix, Ottawa, ON
5th – Kenneth Martin, Phoenix, AZ
6th – Daniel Bosso, Buford, GA

NAMGBR MG 2016 Class Results

Class 411: MGB/GT (1972-1974) – 25 cars
1st – Bruce McQuaid, Dallas, TX
2nd – Dennis Pennington, Irwin, PA
3rd – Gene Johnston, Ridgeland, MS
4th – Scott Croxford, Sheffield Village, OH
5th – Robin Meier, Johnstown, OH
6th – James Kerr, London, ON

Class 412: MGB/GT (1974 1/2) – 5 cars
1st – James Schulte, Harleyville, PA
2nd – Gilbert Dupre, Chattanooga, TN
3rd – Greg Glassner, Strongsville, OH
4th – Mike Hume, Marysville, OH
5th – Mark Davidoski, Virginia Beach, VA

Class 413: MGB GT V8 (Factory 1973-1976) – 4 cars
1st – Terry Looft, Wilmington, OH
2nd – Andy York, Whitestown, IN
3rd – Phil Marcell, Plano, TX
4th – Terry McClain, Charlotte, NC

Class 414: MG Modified (V8, V6, etc.) – 38 cars
1st – Chris Vandelinder, Westerville, OH
2nd – Jai Deagan, Eaton Rapids, MI
3rd – Ryan Looft, Wilmington, OH
4th – Brian Goldsmith, Treynor, IA
5th – Steven Ward, Dallas, TX
6th – Barry Glass, Plano, TX

Class 415: Midget/Sprite (1961-1974) – 18 cars
1st – Ralph Brown, Wanaque, NJ
2nd – Danny Jones, Scottsburg, IN
3rd – Jack Orkin, Grayson, GA
4th – George Chase, West Chester, OH
5th – Andrew Hardie, Calgary, AB
6th – Ian Macnab, Haliburton, ON

Class 416: Midget 1500 (1975-1979) – 7 cars
1st – Paul Stedman, Palm Bay, FL
2nd – Henry Leible, Lockport, NY
3rd – Jeffrey Sigrist, Zanesville, OH
4th – Kim Tonry, Downers Grove, IL
5th – David Shorten, Prospect, KY

Class 417: MG 1100/1300 (all years) – 1 car
Ryan Looft (participated in the Concours)

Class 418: MGC Roadster (1968-1969) – 7 cars
1st – Gary Brown, Covington, VA
2nd – Dana Rindge, Amston, CT
3rd – Brian Hajek, Columbus, OH
4th – Bob Kristof, Maineville, OH
5th – Dan Kerkman, Lake Villa, IL

Class 419: MGC GT (1968-1969) – 10 cars
1st – John Rogers, Nevada City, CA
2nd – Craig Cummings, Williamsburg, VA
3rd – Dave Gribler, Vandalia, OH
4th – Phil Collins, Kansas City, MO
5th – Bruce Fehlman, Kalispell, MT
6th – Ben Andrews, Valparaiso, IN

Class 420: Post Abingdon (all years) – 11 cars
1st – Dino Perez, Lake in the Hills, IL
2nd – Bob Riddell, Whitby, ON
3rd – Keith Holdsworth, Markham, ON
4th – Richard Wallrich, Ramsey, MN
5th – Ken Deleeuw, Ormond Beach, FL

Chairman’s Award
Neal Francis, Moncks Corner, SC – 2004 MG SVS

Class 501: Other British (before 1986) – 10 cars
1st – Michael Long, Franklin, TN
2nd – Clifford Wilson, Floyds Knob, IN
3rd – Russell Mills, Louisville, KY

Class 502: Other British (after 1986) – 6 cars
1st – Jim Duke, Memphis, TN
2nd – John Reynolds, Memphis, TN
3rd – Oscar Gonzales, Huntley, IL

This is me when I order MG parts ... See MoreSee Less


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On the way to the blaster. ... See MoreSee Less

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An FYI that Hap Waldrop posted today regarding the MGE:

"Just a shout out to my fellow MG Experience Forum members. I got a message from Skye. He has had some sort of server hardware failure. He's working around the clock to fix it, but it may still be another 24-48 hours before it is back up online."
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Headed to Gettysburg for MG2018? Contact "Destination Gettysburg" to receive a copy of their Visitors' Guide! Call 800.337.5015 -or- email -or- go to ... See MoreSee Less

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Next issue of The MG Driver is in the mail ... See MoreSee Less

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I apologize now for posting this so many times, but it was a fun experience to see Seinfeld drive an MGB.
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Whilst I'm at it with questions...I don't have any lights that come on when the door is opened. I have the "toggle" type light in the center above the radio, which works fine. I think my dash lights don't work either. The top, silver, switch I assume is for interior lights (as it's inside both door jams). What is this other switch (blue one, drivers side only)? Any idea where the actual light would be? Assuming this isn't related to the dash gauge lighting? Can't find the answer in Haynes manual or Moss. 1979 MGB LE ... See MoreSee Less

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Forced into the cold today for garage work!! Ugh!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks for letting me join. This '77 B is my latest, but it's my third. ... See MoreSee Less

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Came across this beauty last weekend at the Bohnams auction at the Grand Palais, Paris, France. 1952 MG Midget TD Roadster. Asking 20-25K euros. ... See MoreSee Less

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Close to having my airdam installed. Just have to reconnect the parking lights/turn signals and button up the driving light wiring. ... See MoreSee Less

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My heart aches at the sight of this. Makes me treasure mine even more. ... See MoreSee Less

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So this is how the British craze got so crazy man.
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I know some guys like to do this. I don't. Bought an MGB and it had Miata seats in it. They are cool, but I am going back to original. If anyone is interest, let me know.

Miata seats. The ones with the speakers in the headrest. Black. They are a little dirty, but the cloth does not have any visible tears. Wiring for the speakers is there. Seat rails are there. Seats work and foam appears to be good. Seat backs adjust and work. There is a little tearing in the vinyl on the lower part of the seat. They were used in an MGB. I believe them to be 1994-1997. Looking for $300 OBO. Located Near East Troy, WI.
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Thought this maybe of interest ... See MoreSee Less

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Ok folks, what is this for? Located under the driver's seat, comes up from the floor. Has a connector but I don't see anything it would connect to...1979 MGB LTD. ... See MoreSee Less

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She had to sit outside while we installed a new garage door opener. Yuck! Hoping for a quick spring!! Michael J. Kellough your cars sister! ... See MoreSee Less

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The new (to me) shell cleaned up nicely.
The rubber bumpers have to go though, as the finish is already cracking.
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My toys!

1980 MGB Limited Edition
(Dad bought it new in ‘79) Restored by my Wife as a surprise wedding gift in 2016.

2017 SS 1LE
arrived 1 month after the wedding

Excuse the valvetrain noise, the MG is due for an oil change and valve adjustment.

1LE is wearing the daily all season setup. OEM summer set is hanging in the garage.
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This spring I'd like to replace my wire spoke wheels on my 69 B. I know Moss and Victoria British sell new sets. Perhaps somebody knows a guy in the community who deals in good condition second hand MG parts? ... See MoreSee Less

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Found this on eBay. How many of you are driving on works of art? 😜 ... See MoreSee Less

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Saw this on another site. ... See MoreSee Less

1974 MG MGB $1,100 - Onarga, IL 1974 MG MGB Roadster, it's mostly complete, needs a top but the frame is there. Has interior components, not very rusty, a decent project. Title has been lost, but should be able to get a duplicate from previous owner. Asking $1100 or best offer Bring Cash and a trailer Call Mike at [hidden information] for more info

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MG2016 overstock regalia...

When it's gone, it's gone.


Please contact Tony Burgess at with your order!
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MG2016, “Maintaining the Breed”, is now but a memory. I trust that each of you enjoyed your time in Louisville.

On behalf of the North American Council of MG Registers, I want to thank you for participating in MG2016. It was a fantastic stay in Louisville for all!

MG2016 was the fifth of the “all-Register” events, with the first one being held in Indianapolis in 1996. Each event has had its own flavor; each its own challenges; each its own rewards. “Maintaining the Breed” in Louisville was no different!

I personally enjoy rekindling friendships and making new ones with those in attendance of these gatherings.While those of us on the Council have little opportunity to “sit back and relax” during the week, we can tell from your comments and body language that most of our planning
and execution has been successful.

We had visitors from Australia and England join us in Louisville as well as MG owners from across America and Canada. How many registrations you ask? There were 829 registrations for this gathering. “On The Field” were 715 vehicles comprised of 2.66% ”pre-war” cars, 13.15% T-series cars, 22.52% MGAs or variants, and 56.78% MGBs/Cs/Midgets/1100s-1300s/or “Post-Abingdon” MGs. Additionally, 4.9% registered as “Other British” or enthusiasts participating without their MG.

About 700 folks enjoyed our “Churchill Downs Experience” on Monday evening, and another 325 folks had the same experience on Wednesday evening.

There was a good selection of vendors to be found in the Coronet Ballroom. However, with internet sales, it is getting harder and harder to persuade vendors to showcase their wares in person……and we thank each one who made the trip to Louisville and hope that their visit was
a profitable one.

Two hundred twenty enthusiasts visited the Corvette factory and museum over Tuesday and Wednesday on event-sponsored tours. About the same number enjoyed the “Bourbon Trail”, traveling on event-sponsored motor-coaches.

The “Register Night” banquets were well attended and almost 1000 folks packed the Crowne Ballroom to dance the night away afterwards to sounds and antics of “Captain Rat and the Blind Rivets”.

Thanks to each of our presenters for the informative tech sessions conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday. If attendees did not learn something during the week, it was their own fault.

Our thanks go out as well to the British Sports Car Club of Louisville. They were our “feet on the ground” in Louisville and provided tremendous help with on-site logistics; providing staffing for registration and parking at the car show; planning and coordinating the various self-directed drives in and around Louisville and Southern Indiana, and offering local assistance as questions arose.

Special thanks to John Twist for his unending focus on cars in line for his “Rolling Tech Session” on both Tuesday andWednesday; to Denver and Denny Cornet for the 1947 MG-TC on display in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza during the week; to the Gundersons of Colorado for bringing EX186 and to Jeff Lane of the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN for bringing the MG Metro 6R4 for display on the show-field on Thursday. And we would be negligent if we did not acknowledge our event sponsors – Victoria British, Moss Motors, and Hagerty Insurance.

We hope that you enjoyed meeting and talking with our guest and keynote speaker, Dennis Gage. He commented to me that he had a lot of fun on Thursday talking with and sharing stories with all of you on the show-field. Many of you wondered why he did not do any filming
while at the event. We contracted with Dennis for his appearance. He would either showcase the event on an upcoming edition of “My Classic Car” or he would be a “celebrity guest” on show day and mingle with the crowd as well as be our keynote speaker that evening. He could
not do both. We felt that we got “more bang for our buck” with the latter.

An e-mail has been sent to all registrants with a list of the award winners, participation by state/province, and a list of attendees. (We will not be posting the attendee list on public forums.)

As always, we welcome your comments regarding the event – what you liked and where you think improvements could be made. You can contact us at or me directly at .

See you “on the road”!
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Peter Cook (Overseas Director) and Brian Woodhams (Past Overseas Director) donated five very nice prints to the for each Register and one for Canada....

Here's the list of recipients for the prints that the MGCC-UK donated to MG2016:

North American MMM Register - Phillip Anderson from Hovland, MN

New England MG-T Register - TBA in September (but a very worthy recipient!)

North American MGA Register - Dave McCann, Jr, Springfield, OH

North American MGB Register - Emerald Necklace MG Car Club

Canadian Recipient - MG Car Club of Toronto
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A report on MG2016 registrations....list of winners and vendors to follow...... MG2016 TOTALS BY CLASS
1 201 - Vintage/Pre War (NEW ENGLAND MGT REGISTER)
26 203 - TC (1945-1949) (NEW ENGLAND MGT REGISTER)
54 204 - TD (1950-1953) (NEW ENGLAND MGT REGISTER)
11 205 - TF (1954-1955) (NEW ENGLAND MGT REGISTER)
1 206 - Post War Variants (Y-Type, Arnolt, Specials) (MGT REGISTER)
30 301 - MGA 1500 - Wire Wheels
17 302 - MGA 1500 - Non-Wire Wheels
30 303 - MGA 1600 - Wire Wheels
9 304 - MGA 1600 - Non-Wire Wheels
18 305 - MGA 1600 MkII
7 306 - MGA Deluxe
4 307 - MGA Twin Cam
9 308 - MGA Coupe
5 309 - Altered
16 310 - MG Magnette
15 312 - Premier
1 313 - Premier Emeritus
6 401 - MGB Mk I 1962 to 1965 (Pull Handle)
14 402 - MGB Mk I 1965 to 1967
16 403 - MGB Mk II 1968 to 1969 (Chrome Grille)
49 404 - MGB Mk II 1970 to 1972 (Recessed Grille)
43 405 - MGB Mk II 1973 to 1974 (Honeycomb Grille)
17 406 - MGB Mk III 1974-1/2 to 1976
39 407 - MGB Mk IV 1977 to 1978 (Early)
43 408 - MGB Mk IV 1979 to 1980 (Late)
18 409 - MGB - LE 1979 to 1980
27 410 - MGB GT - 1965 to 1971 Chrome Bumper - Non-Vented Dash
25 411 - MGB GT - 1972 to 1974 Chrome Bumper - Vented Dash
5 412 - MGB GT – 1974-1/2 - Rubber Bumper
4 413 - MGB GT Factory V-8 – 1973 to 1976
39 414 - MGB Modified V-8, V-6, Etc.
18 415 - Midget/Sprite - 1961 to 1974 - Chrome Bumper; Square Body
7 416 - Midget - 1975 to 1979 - Rubber Bumper
2 417 - MG 1100/1300 - All Years
7 418 - MGC – Roadster – All Years
10 419 - MGC - GT – All Years
11 420 – Modern MG / Post Abingdon Register
6 421 – NAMGBR Concours
10 501- Any other British vehicle manufactured before 1986
6 502 - Any other British vehicle manufactured 1986 and later
... See MoreSee Less

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A comment made by Dennis Gage (My Classic Car and also one of the chemists involved on the development of "Pringles") at the awards banquet of MG2016....."I always considered a can of Pringles to be a single serving." Oh, how true! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Want some SWAG from MG2016?

Download this form and send it in!

Mail order shipments will be batched and processed later in July.

BTW....while not on the form, we can provide 2XL and 3XL sizes.
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We made it back to Hingham MA in one piece. No events to report. We left Louisville Kentucky on Friday morning around 10:30 or 11 and spent two short days of driving and about 12 hours today. Tired but glad the trip is over for the next few months.

I wanted to say thank you to all of the MG 2016 participants that voted for my 79 MG. I am so pleased that your votes resulted in my being awarded a first place. It makes all the preperation well worth it especially with all of the great examples in class 408. As with all of the NAMGBR new friends have been made. Joyce and I are looking forward to seeing you all next year or in 2018. Thanks again.
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I failed to order a video of MG2016. How do i order one after the fact? ... See MoreSee Less

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Captain Rat and the Blind Rivets rocked the house in Louisville, KY on Tuesday night to a crowd of almost 1000 MG (British car) enthusiasts of MG2016. It is safe to say that a good time was had by all. My thanks out to band members Mark Rubel, Roger Prillaman, Jeffrey L. Evans, Tim Vear, and Mark Spaulding for providing most excellent entertainment that night! Folks were still commenting about your performance on Thursday! THANK YOU! ... See MoreSee Less

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