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Website Security – Why You Should Add SSL To Everything

So, I have a bit of an interest in computers and security. Also, as some of you may know I work for a large global payment card brand and have been involved in security and encryption as part of the roles I’ve played. I’m writing this item for the webmasters and those involved with cars …


MG 2017 Registration is Open and Live

Just to confirm that we have opened up registration for the MG 2017 event. You can register for the event online and use the store/online shop capabilities of the site to register, add additional cars, banquet tickets and dinner/tour events and all the fun activities that are available. We also have plenty of regalia options …


NAMGBR 2016 AGM Details

This year’s NAMGBR Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held the weekend of October 21-23, 2016 in San Diego, CA, site of our 2017 annual convention. Our 2017 convention in San Diego will be held from June 25-28, 2017. You can find out all the details and how to reserve a hotel room at the …


Hagerty Insurance Discount

This is a fantastic membership benefit for North American MGB Register members and could easily offset, or more than offset, the cost of your NAMGBR membership, depending on the size/cost of your classic car collection. Simply put, as a current member of the North American MGB Register, you can get a 5% discount on a ...


MG 2016 Info/Promo Video

Looking for more information about MG 2016? See the video below or also on the event information page for an overview of what to expect and look forward to. Ready to register and sign up? Just head to


MG 2016 Registration – Live/Open

Call to post! The MG2016 website is now LIVE and ready to process your registration! Please visit to begin! There is information on each of the tabs, so I encourage you to visit all of them. Rick Ingram, Executive Director North American Council of MG Registers


Marathon MGB Saved

During a visit to the Classic Car Show at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, UK, I (Simon your webmaster) got to see a historically significant MGB – the MGB that took part in the 1968 London to Sydney marathon. The newly saved Jean Denton works-backed MGB that took part in the event was ...


Classifieds Are Back

One of the capabilities of the previous website, was to offer members the opportunity to have classified advertisements listed, in addition to being in the MG Driver. We have recently added this capability back to the website. With the kind support of Richard Liddick, who will administer the ads for NAMGBR, members can now list …


2015 Post AGM Dinner Plans

Saturday Night’s Dinner Plan/Option 7:00pm – Rather than holding the Saturday night post-meeting dinner in a nearby restaurant, we have decided to experience Louisville’s hospitality with a dinner-cruise on the Ohio river. Updated September 21, 2015 – Tickets are now sold out. However, we are maintaining a wait list. Tickets are $42.50/person and if you …


The MG Driver Sep-Oct 2015 Issue

Your September/October 2015 issue of The MG Driver magazine should be hitting your mail box any time now. The annual convention issue with a full report on MG 2015 with lots of other great MG coverage and news. See the index image below for more details on the content of this issue.