Ken Smith – Best Newsletter of the Year

Newsletter of the Year Award is given at the Annual General Meeting in October to the club who’s newsletter promotes MG enthusiasm throughout the year. It is also judged on content.

This award is a plaque and says the following: “Newsletter of the Year presented to (name of recipient), month, day and year, and place given)”.

The award recipient is chosen by the Editor and NAMGBR executive with the input from coordinators, registrars, and members.

2019 – Ken Smith – “Spark & Spanner” – South Alabama British Car Club – Rodney McDonald Editor

2018 – Edmonton Classic Sports Car Club – Howard Jewell, Editor

2017 – British Car Club of Wichita – Lewis Blackwell

2015 – North Carolina MG Car Club, “Quadriga News”

2016 – MG Car Club of Toronto, “The Octagon”

2014 – Texas MG Register – Russell Read

2013 British Motoring Club of New Orleans – Ron Palmisno Editor

2012 Long Island Centre MG Car Club – Steve Becker Editor

2011 Minnesota MG Gazette – Minnesota MG Group, Andy Anderson – Editor, Ruth Anderson – Asst. Editor

2010 The Octagon – MG Owners Club of Northern California, Jeremy Palgon, Editor

2009 St Louis Metro Gazette – MG Club of St. Louis, Simon Dix, Editor

2008 San Diego MG Car Club

2007 Octagon – MG Car Club Toronto, Canada

2006 Dip Stick – Tidewater MG Classics, Virginia Beach, VA

2005 Classical Gas – Canadian Classic MG Club, Vancouver, BC – Wolfgang Rao

2004 Exhaust Notes – Twin Bay British Car Club, Travers City, MI

2003 Octagram – Western Michigan Old Speckled Hen MG Car Club

2002 The Morris Gazette – Arizona MG Club

2001 The MailGram – Lanco MG Club

2000 The Desert Octagon – Tucson British Car Register

1999 Brit Bits – North Alabama British Motoring Society Newsletter

1998 Meshing Gears – MG Car Club Central New Jersey Centre

1997 San Diego MG Club Newsletter – San Diego MG Club

1996 The MG Post – Kansas City MG Car Club

1995 Texas Chapter News – Texas MG Register

1994 The Octagon – MG Car Club of Toronto

1993 MOWOG Murmurs – MG Car Club-Northwest Centre