John Thornley Challenge

Welcome to the John Thornley Challenge

This will be new for 2021. A fun photo scavenger hunt with your MG in your travels this summer.  The rules will hopefully be simple:

  • Must be a current NAMGBR Member
  • Must take a photo with your MG along with a recent MG Driver in the photo
  • No Photoshop pictures (this will disqualify you from the challenge)
  • All photos can be in any make or model of MG

The challenge starts now, (and would have started sooner if there had been more interest early on).  But now there is a lot of interest, so this challenge is on until October 6th, 2021 at 9:00pm EDT. 

So if you are participating, this is what you need to do:

  • Let us know you are doing the challenge, by Facebook or email at
  • Keep track of your score
  • Keep track of your photos using the number on the challenge list.
  • Send your photos by Facebook or a Zip file to
  • Mail your pictures using a CD, flash drive or printed photos to:

Leeann Looft

1542 Wayne Road

Wilmington, Ohio 45177

  • We will keep track of your photos and score

Here is the list.  Take a photo of your MG with the MG Driver

  1. At a waterfall  2pt
  2. Near a statue  1pt
  3. Old gas station  1pt
  4. At a covered bridge  1pt  in a covered bridge gets 2pts
  5. Farris wheel in background 2pt
  6. Next to an airplane 1pt
  7. Next to a cannon 1pt
  8. Your MG in a parade 5pt
  9. How many people in your MG? 1pt per person!
  10. Bride and Groom, on a wedding day, next to your MG 3pt
  11. Jacked up MG changing a flat tire 3pt
  12. Your MG with 4 other different MG model cars 5pt
  13. Your MG at a camp ground with a tent 2pt
  14. In front of a national park sign 2pt
  15. Next to a water fountain 1pt
  16. With a boat 4pt
  17. At a bonfire 2pt
  18. In front of a red, white, blue interstate sign (Canada national highway sign) 1pt
  19. Helium balloon tied to the rear view mirror 1pt
  20. In your car with your pet: dog, cat, fish, etc. 2pt
  21. Flying a kite from your MG  2pt
  22. On a beach 1pt
  23. In front of a casino 1pt
  24. At a lighthouse 2pt
  25. Elephant in background 5pt
  26. On a ferry 3pt
  27. In a construction zone 1pt
  28. With a windmill 2pt
  29. At a tunnel 2pt  in the tunnel gets 3pts
  30. RR crossing with train 2pt  with train engine gets 4pts
  31. At a drive in theater 2pt  with the movie playing in the background gets 5pts
  32. At a state capital / parliament building 2pt
  33. You and your car in the rain 2pt
  34. Next to a fire truck 1pt  with the fire truck lights on gets 3pts
  35. Next to a police car 1pt  with the police car light on gets 3pts
  36. With a golf cart
  37. At a professional sports complex 2pt
  38. Next to a tractor 1pt
  39. On a farm 1pt
  40. At a clock tower 1pt
  41. With a personal license plate 1pt
  42. In a round-a-bout 2pt
  43. In a costume next to your car 2pt driving in your costume gets 4pts
  44. At a pay phone 5pts
  45. At a McDonalds 1pt
  46. With a British Union Jack flag 2pt
  47. In front of a new state sign, the welcome sign 3pt
  48. At a college campus 1pt
  49. Next to a Triumph, making a funny face 5pt
  50. Parked next to motorcycles at biker night 5pt
  51. In front of anything that has the word “Abington” on it 2pt
  52. With the ice cream truck 2pts
  53. In front of an amusement park 2pt
  54. At the county fair 3pt
  55. Bare feet on the dash 1pt
  56. In front of the court house 1pt
  57. With an army tank 2pt
  58. With a bull dozer 2pt
  59. At a deer crossing sign 1pt
  60. With a vehicle that says “wash me” written on it 2pts


Tie Breakers:

  1. Recreate “Abbey Road” photo with your MG 10pt
  2. In front of a castle 5pt
  3. With a double decker bus 20pt