John Thornley Challenge

Welcome to the John Thornley Challenge 2022

A fun photo scavenger hunt with your MG in your travels this summer.  The rules will hopefully be simple:

  • Must be a current NAMGBR Member
  • Must take a photo with your MG along with a recent MG Driver in the photo
  • No Photoshop pictures (this will disqualify you from the challenge)
  • All photos can be in any make or model of MG

The challenge starts NOW and will end on September 22nd, 2022 at 9:00pm EDT. 

So if you are participating, this is what you need to do:

  • Let us know you are doing the challenge, by Facebook or email at
  • Keep track of your score
  • Keep track of your photos using the number on the challenge list.
  • Please try to post the challenge picture with the number listed.
  • Post your photos on NAMGBR Facebook or a Zip file to
  • May also mail your pictures using a CD, flash drive or printed photos to:

Leeann Looft

1542 Wayne Road

Wilmington, Ohio 45177

  • We will keep track of your photos and score


Here is the list.  Take a photo of your MG with the MG Driver

  1. In front of a store awning 1pt
  2. At a fast food drive thru window 2pt
  3. With a crane 2pt
  4. Next to an Airstream camper 2pt
  5. Next to a car that is the same color as your MG 1pt
  6. Next to a funny bumper sticker 1pt
  7. In front of a past president’s or prime minister’s home 2pt
  8. Rock formation 2pt
  9. Under an arch 2pt
  10. In front of a jazz or blues club 1pt
  11. At a major league soccer stadium 1pt
  12. At a major league hockey stadium 1pt
  13. Pose with a Led Zeppelin vinyl 2pt
  14. At a fireworks stand 1pt
  15. In front of a dinosaur 2pt
  16. In front of a neon sign 2pt
  17. At a cathedral 2pt
  18. At a state’s visitor center 2pt
  19. In front of a spaceship 2pt
  20. In front of a zoo sign 2pt
  21. At a cattle ranch 2pt
  22. At a carhop/drive in restaurant with the server on skates 3pt
  23. Next to a rat rod 2pt
  24. You and your BFF in your MG 1pt
  25. In your MG with a Union Jack neck tie or bow tie 2pt
  26. In your MG with a British guard costume 3pt
  27. In front of a British Pub 1pt
  28. MG with a hot air or blimp in the background 3pt
  29. At a train station 2pt
  30. At a drawbridge 2pt
  31. In front of a helicopter 2pt
  32. Picture of you in the boot of your MG 2pt
  33. Your MG at a garage sale or yard sale 1pt
  34. At a yield traffic sign 1pt
  35. Your MG on the sidewalk 1pt
  36. In front of graffiti in the background 1pt
  37. Rubber duck on your dash 2pt
  38. In front of your MG with a NAMGBR convention shirt on 2pt
  39. Your NAMGBR window decal on the windshield 2pt
  40. In front of a “lunch car” (old retro diner)  2pt
  41. At a flea market 1pt
  42. At a concert 1pt
  43. With an ice cream truck 1pt
  44. At a farmers market 1pt
  45. Parked in a no parking zone 1pt
  46. Parked next to a Triumph motorcycle 2pt
  47. You in a shirt the same color as your car 2pt
  48. How many MG’s can you fit in a photo with your car 1pt per MG
  49. In front of a food truck 1pt
  50. Eating fish and chips in your MG 2pt
  51. Your MG with a picnic basket 1pt
  52. With mud on the tires 2pt
  53. In front of a tea room 2pt
  54. In front your street name sign 1pt
  55. On a car lift 2pt
  56. Next to a horse and buggy 2pt
  57. You in your car with “the next generation” 2pt
  58. With a car smaller than your MG 3pt
  59. A dozen Cadbury eggs in your MG 2pt
  60. Hauling something on the roof of your MG 3pt
  61. With your headlights on at night 1pt
  62. At your favorite pizza place 1pt
  63. Checking the oil on your MG 1pt
  64. On a tow truck 2pt
  65. At a cookout 1pt
  66. MG with bird poop on it 2pt
  67. Driving with a swimming trunks or bathing suit 3pt
  68. At a classic car museum 2pt 
  69. MG at a 5K or marathon 2pt
  70. Getting morning donuts in your MG 1pt
  71. Driving in your MG with favorite hat on 1pt
  72. Picture with your passport and MG 2pt
  73. At a motel / hotel 1pt 
  74. Picture at a dam 1pt
  75. At an orchard 1pt
  76. At an abandoned prison 2pt
  77. In front of a carriage house 1pt
  78. In a compact car only parking space 2pt
  79. Someone asleep in your MG 2pt
  80. How many helium balloons in your MG 1pt per balloon
  81. On a gravel road 1pt
  82. Your MG in a traffic jam 1pt
  83. Next to an Amphibian car 3pt
  84. Next to a train caboose 1pt
  85. Driving with a life jacket on 2pt
  86. Driving with aluminum cans dragging behind the MG 2pt
  87. With a team mascot in your MG 2pt
  88. With a Union Jack on the antenna 2pt
  89. Next to a porta potty 1pt
  90. Next to an ambulance 1pt
  91. Next to a tandem bicycle 3pt
  92. With a river water lock 2pt
  93. In front of Christmas lights that are on 2pt
  94. At a BP (British petroleum) gas station 1pt
  95. With bigfoot 1pt
  96. Next to a sign that shows the current temperature 1pt
  97. With a Santa Clause in your MG 2pt
  98. Your MG with an animal statue 2pt
  99. You eating an ice cream come in your car 1pt
  • At a junk yard 1pt


 Tie Breakers:


  1. Recreate the band Genesis album cover “The Way We Walk” photo with your MG in the background 10pt
  2. Picture with a 1976 Mini 1000 mk II (like the one Mr. Bean drove) 30pt
  3. Picture of all Eleven places that have the same name in Britain and America. Your MG must be pictured with each sign  40pt
  • Boston
  • Lancaster
  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Newcastle
  • Manchester
  • Plymouth
  • York
  • Chester