Good Samaritan Award

The Good Samaritan Award is given at the Annual General Meeting in October to the person who best exemplifies the MG spirit by lending a hand without regard to reward.

This award is a plaque, and the plaque says the following: “Good Samaritan of the Year presented to (name of recipient), month, day and year, and place given”, and a one year membership to North American MGB Register.

The award recipient is chosen by the NAMGBR executive from the input from coordinators, registrars, and members.

2019 Dick Lunney, Metrolina MG Car Club


2017 Paul Konkle, San Diego MG Club

2016 John Mangles, Saint Louis, MO

2015 John Burrows, Mississauga, ON

2014 Bob Bentzinger, MG Car Club of Saint Louis

2013 John Mangles, St. Charles, MO

2012 Adam Lombard, Ancino, CA

2011 James Phelps, Dayton, NV

2010 Andrew Taylor, Belleville, Ontario

2009 Paul Dierschow, Arvada, CO

2008 Steve & Julie Lundsberg; Norm & Vickie Schuring, Kentwood, MI

2007 Brian Goldsmith, Treynor, Iowa

2006 Dennis & Nancy Deloatch, Smyrna, GA

2005 David Deutsch, NY

2004 John Mangles, St. Charles, MO

2003 No Award

2002 George Carrasquillo, NY

2001 No Award

2000 No Award

1999 Ralph Vrana, Strongsville, OH, Emerald Necklace MG Register

1998 Dane Lay, Springfield, IL, Prairie Octagon MG Club

1997 Bryson & Linda Lesley, Chickamauga, GA

1996 John Simmers, Vicksburg, MS

1995 Allen & Alice Lee, Martinsville, IL

1994 Dave Sims, Cross Roads Auto Systems

1993 Bill Skillington, Klamath Falls, OR