Chapter/Club of the Year

Chapter of the Year Award – Given at the Annual General Meeting in October to an affiliated club based on number of Register members and club activity.

This award is a plaque, and says the following: “Chapter of the Year presented to (name of Club), month, day and year, and place given)”. The award recipient is chosen by the NAMGBR executive from the input from coordinators, registrars, and members.

2019 Texas MG Register For 40 years of Service to the MG community

2018 Peachtree MG Registry

2017 San Diego MG Club, San Diego, CA

2016 Emerald Necklace MG Register, OH

2015 MG Car Club of Toronto, Toronto, ON

2014 SIR Brit British Car Club, Indiana & Illinois Flatland British Car Club, Central Illinois

2013 Willamette MG Club- Host of MG2013, “For hosting a great convention”

2012 Paradise MG Club

2011 MG Car Club Washington, DC Centre – In recognition of their 60th Anniversary and 38 years of sponsoring the Braille Rallye

2010 MG Car Club Rocky Mountain Centre – For their time and effort hosting MG2009 Breckenridge, CO

2009 Kansas City MG Car Club for their efforts in the MG Warrior Project

2008 Blount British Car – Maryville, Tennesee

2007 MG Owners Club – Northern California, El Cerrito, California

2006 Peachtree MG Registry, Atlanta GA

2005 MG Car Club Northwest Centre

2004 MG Car Club – Central Jersey Centre

2003 No Award

2002 No Award

2001 Minnesota MG Group

2000 No Award

1999 British Motoring Club – New Orleans

1998 Paradise MGs – California

1997 Victoria MG Club, Victoria, BC

1996 Western Michigan Old Speckled Hen MG Car Club

1995 MGs of Baltimore

1994 Emerald Necklace MG Register

1993 Chicagoland MGB Club