Publicity Coordinator Report 2021

Publicity Coordinator Report 2021

Publicity Coordinator 2021 AGM Report

I linked information on many Facebook pages across the USA and Canada promoting MG2021 International. Additionally, I have joined many British related Facebook pages that I monitor and sometimes comment on. Currently that is about 25-30 pages. I also posted information on numerous event calendars. All my outgoing email communication contained information on the above and after MG2021 I added MG2022 to the emails.

Many of the local clubs continue to do online meetings and a few have gone back to face to face. The new variant is keeping things a little iffy this year but there are still lots of events taking place.

I investigated Instagram and twitter but didn’t see that our membership base would be attuned to that form of communication, so this idea was shelved.

I have been passing local club newsletters on to my local club editor and she has linked up with many of them to share stories. Please continue to copy not only the Chairman and Editor but also the Publicity Coordinator on these local newsletters.

As the election is underway, I may become the next NAMGBR Chairman and therefore we will need a new publicity coordinator. Any volunteers would be greatly appreciated and quickly accepted.

Thanks for supporting NAMGBR and our car hobby.


Larry Norton

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